Minimum order of 6 cupcakes of the  same flavour

Apple and cinnamon - apple and cinnamon cupcake, topped with vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

Banana - banana cupcake, topped with vanilla buttercream, and banana chip drizzled in chocolate

Blackforest chocolate cupcake, filled with morello cherry jam,topped with chocolate buttercream and more jam 

Chocolate Nutella - chocolate cupcake with a nutella centre, topped with Nutella buttercream sprinkled with crushed hazlenuts.
Chocolate-chocolate cupcake with a Chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Mint -  chocolate cupcake with ,Chocolate mint buttercream, topped with mint chocolates
Chocolate Orange
- chocolate cupcake, Chocolate orange buttercream
 Coffee - Coffee filled cup cake with coffee buttercream
Lemon Blueberry  - Lemon and blueberries cupcake with  vanilla buttercream ,topped with blueberries
Lemon Drizzle - lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd swirl of lemon buttercream, and finished with lemon curd drizzle
Lemon and poppyseed - Topped with  lemon buttercream, and finished with lemon curd drizzle
Orange - vanilla cupcake, with an orange centre, topped with a chocolate buttercream, with a mini Jaffa cake
Oreo-   Chocolate cupcake, vanilla buttercream mixed with crushed Oreo's, topped with mini Oreo
Red Velvet - traditional red velvet cupcake, topped with cream cheese flavour buttercream
Rocky Road - chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, topped with marshmallows and chocolates and drizzled with milk chocolate
Rolo - chocolate cupcake with a rolo baked in, topped in vanilla buttercream, and finished with one rolo,and toffee drizzle
Strawberry shortcake - vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam , swirled with Strawberry buttercream, with a shortcake biscuit
Vanilla - vanilla cupcake, Vanilla buttercream,with sprinkles
Cocktail cupcakes for the Adults
Malibu - coconut cupcake with vanilla malibu buttercream, sprinkled with coconut
Baileys - chocolate and baileys cupcake, topped with Baileys buttercream, topped with  chocolate
Pina Colada  Coconut cupcake with a rum soaked pineapple center, coconut buttercream infused with rum and garnished with pineapple soaked in rum